Lehrstuhl für Tierökologie und Tropenbiologie

    Topics for a thesis at the Field Station Fabrikschleichach

    The Station of Fabrikschleichach offers distinct topics in applied ecology for Bachelor and Master thesis based on literature, field and/or lab work. Each topic will be supervised by members of the field station team, whereas the respective supervisor is mentioned in brackets at the end of the respective topic.

    Available topics:

    - Comparison of biodiversity in natural and plantation forests (JM/ST)

    - Comparison of biodiversity in naturally disturbed and undisturbed forests (ST)

    - Comparison of biodiversity along gradients of canopy density (ST)

    - Modelling the extinction risk of German butterflies using host plant indicator values and phylogeny (JM)

    - Bat communities along a forest use intensity gradient (JM)

    - Dead wood as a barrier against browsing pressure of ungulates - an experimental approach (JM)

    - Assemblages of epigeal beetle assemblages along a gradient of forest management intensity (NR/ST)

    - Phenotypic plasticity of saproxylic beetle species in dependence of sun exposure (ST/JM)

    - Modelling the extinction risk of European dragonflies and damselflies (ST)

    - Children perception towards lynx in relation to knowledge and environmental attitudes (ST)

    - Tree-dwelling mammals along a 1000 meter altitudinal gradient (JM)


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