Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology

Image analysis (with Zoology I)

We offer two BSc/MSc theses in collaboration with the chair of cell and developmental biology (Prof. Engstler) on combining high-end microscopy and cutting edge image analysis of very large datasets:

  1. Quantitative Light-Sheet-Microscopy of the Tsetse Fly
  2. Automated Analysis of Very Large Electron Tomograms

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No detailed previous knowledge required, only a high level of motivation. You will learn about the latest technologies for machine learning, morphology quantification and big data image analysis. Thesis can be written in English or German. Starting date is Jan. 2018.

Interested? Please contact us:

Philip Kollmannsberger (philip.kollmannsberger@uni-wuerzburg.de)

Markus Engstler (markus.engstler@uni-wuerzburg.de)


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