Biochemistry and cell biology


    Research AG Häring

    Our group aims to understand the molecular mechanisms that organise genomes. Eukaryotic chromosomes undergo enormous changes in structure and organisation over the course of a cell cycle. One of the central players in the formation of mitotic chromosomes is the protein complex condensin. We use a combination of in vivo and in vitro approaches from biochemistry, molecular cell biology and structural biology.

    Research AG Gaubatz

    Our main interest is transcriptional regulation of the mammalian cell cycle by the DREAM complex and Myb-MuvB (MMB). MMB together with the B-MYB transcription factor is a master activator of genes required for mitosis and cytokinesis. We use biochemical and genetic methods to understand how DREAM, MuvB, B-MYB and its target genes contribute to normal proliferation, development and tumorigenesis.

    Research AG Meierjohann

    Our group works on signal transduction events in melanoma under normal conditions and after drug exposure in order to identify essential druggable targets which enhance the anti-tumorigenic efficacy.

    Our group has moved to the Pathological Institute

    Research AG Schartl

    Our group focus on evolutionary genetics and genomics, sex determination and reproductive development in fish. We use several fish models and biochemical and genetic methods.

    Our group has moved to the Department of Developmental Biochemistry.