Chair of Biochemistry

    Cryo Electron Miroscopy



    The facility for electron cryo microscopy provides facilitated access to a Titan-Krios G3 with an X-FEG source, 300 kV and a Falcon III camera with direct electron detection. The set-up is optimized for high-resolution, high throughput single particle acquisition in linear or counting mode using EPU.

    The facility started in 2018. Since then it has served more than 15 groups from 5 different universities.

    Access is fee-based and regulated by access rules, which can be downloaded here.

    If you are interested in access , please contact cryo-em@uni-wuerzburg.de    


    Recent Publications that made use of the facility

    1. C. Makbul, M. Nassal and B. Bottcher (2020)  Slowly folding surface extension in the prototypic avian hepatitis B virus capsid governs stability. Elife  9,

    2. C. Grimm, H. S. Hillen, K. Bedenk, J. Bartuli, S. Neyer, Q. Zhang, A. Huttenhofer, M. Erlacher, C. Dienemann, A. Schlosser, H. Urlaub, B. Bottcher, A. A. Szalay, P. Cramer and U. Fischer (2019)  Structural Basis of Poxvirus Transcription: Vaccinia RNA Polymerase Complexes. Cell  179, 1537-1550 .

    3. N. Famelis, A. Rivera-Calzada, G. Degliesposti, M. Wingender, N. Mietrach, J. M. Skehel, R. Fernandez-Leiro, B. Bottcher, A. Schlosser, O. Llorca and S. Geibel (2019)  Architecture of the mycobacterial type VII secretion system. Nature  576, 321-325  
    4. T. Rasmussen, V. J. Flegler, A. Rasmussen and B. Bottcher (2019)  Structure of the Mechanosensitive Channel MscS Embedded in the Membrane Bilayer. J Mol Biol  431, 3081-3090.
    5. B. Song, J. Lenhart, V. J. Flegler, C. Makbul, T. Rasmussen and B. Bottcher (2019)  Capabilities of the Falcon III detector for single-particle structure determination. Ultramicroscopy  203, 145-154.
    6. A. Thesseling, T. Rasmussen, S. Burschel, D. Wohlwend, J. Kagi, R. Muller, B. Bottcher and T. Friedrich (2019)  Homologous bd oxidases share the same architecture but differ in mechanism. Nat Commun  10, 5138.