Chair of Biochemistry

    We are accepting Bachelor and Master students. If you are interested please contact Bettina Böttcher.

    We have many different projects, which involve different skills and methodologies.


    • Optimization of expression systems for the expression of large proteins

    • Development of purification protocols for endogenous and over expressed complexes

    • Electron microscopy and image processing for quality control of purified protein-complexes

    • Electron cryo microscopy of vitrified samples for structure determination

    • Image processing of electron microscopic data

    • Methods development in sample preparation for electron cryo microscopy… in particular targeting organic supramolecular complexes in none aqueous systems

    • Development and optimization of data acquisition schemes for electron cryo microscopy




    Many of these projects involve collaborations with other groups or are interdisciplinary. Most projects are targeted for students with a background in Biochemistry. However, we also welcome students with a strong background in chemistry, physics and/or with programming skills for methods development and optimization of procedures.

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