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Dr. Rosalia Deeken (Leiterin)

Hanna Faist (Doctoral Researcher)

Sohail Karimi (Doctoral Researcher)

Khushbu Kumari (Doctoral Researcher)


Plants encounter biotic and abiotic environmental stress conditions that cause substantially loss of crop yield. Due to their sessile lifestyle plants established adaptive mechanisms to cope with changes in the environment. Under stress conditions the plant metabolism needs to be adjusted in order to support growth and multiplication. The basis for adaptation to stress factors is the genetic equipment and controlled regulation of gene expression. Epigenetic factors provide plants with a kind of stress memory, preparing the offsprings of stressed plants to cope for future stress.

We are studying the signaling pathways in plants infected with Agrobacterium and developing a crown gall tumor. Furthermore, guard cells from salt sensitive and salt tolerant plants challenged with various salt stress conditions are subject of our research. Our research focuses on the molecular mechanisms and physiological processes that plants use to respond to Agrobacterium and salt stress.