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    2018[ to top ]

    • Rostás, M., Bollmann, F., Saville, D., Riedel, M.: Ants contribute to pollination but not to reproduction in a rare calcareous grassland forb.PeerJ.6,4369 (2018).

    2017[ to top ]

    • Hischen, F., Reiswich, V., Kupsch, D., De Mecquenem, N., Riedel, M., Himmelsbach, M., Weth, A., Heiss, E., Armbruster, O., Heitz, J., Baumgartner, W.: Adaptive camouflage: what can be learned from the wetting behaviour of the tropical flat bugs Dysodius lunatus and Dysodius magnus.Biology Open.6,1209-1218 (2017).
    • Wagner, H., Riedel, M., Riederer, M., Olbricht, K.: Investigations on the chemical composition of cuticular waxes in twelve Fragaria L. genotypes.Acta Horticulturae.1156,439-444 (2017).

    2016[ to top ]

    • Deeken, R., Saupe, S., Klinkenberg, J., Riedel, M., Leide, J., Hedrich, R., Mueller, T.: The Non-Specific Lipid Transfer Protein AtLtpI-4 Is Involved in Suberin Formation of Arabidopsis thaliana Crown Galls.Plant Physiology.172,1911 - 1927 (2016).

    2015[ to top ]

    • Riederer, M., Arand, K., Burghardt, M., Huang, H., Riedel, M., Schuster, A.-C., Smirnova, A., Jiang, Y.: Water loss from litchi (Litchi chinensis) and longan (Dimocarpus longan) fruits is biphasic and controlled by a complex pericarpal transpiration barrier.Planta.242,1207 - 1219 (2015).

    2014[ to top ]

    • Spielvogel, S., Prietzel, J., Leide, J., Riedel, M., Kögel-Kabner, I.: Distribution of cutin and suberin biomarkers under forest trees with different root systems.Plant and Soil.381,95-110 (2014).

    2011[ to top ]

    • Lo Giudice, D., Riedel, M., Rostás, M., Peri, E., Colazza, S.: Host sex discrimination by an egg parasitoid on Brassica leaves.Journal of Chemical Ecology.37,622-628 (2011).

    2010[ to top ]

    • Scholz, I., Bückins, M., Dolge, L., Erlinghagen, T., Weth, A., Hischen, F., Mayer, J., Hoffmann, S., Riederer, M., Riedel, M., Baumgartner, W.: Slippery surfaces of pitcher plants: Nepenthes wax crystals minimise insect attachment via microscopic surface roughness.Journal of Experimental Biology.213,1115-1125 (2010).

    2009[ to top ]

    • Riedel, M., Riederer, M., Becker, D., Herran, A., Kullaya, A., Arana-López, G., Pena-Rodríquez, L., Billotte, N., Sniady, V., Rohde, W., Ritter, E.: Cuticular wax composition in Cocos nucifera L.: physicochemical analysis of wax components and mapping of their QTLs onto the coconut molecular linkage map.Tree Genetics & Genomes.5,53-69 (2009).
    • Ringelmann, A., Riedel, M., Riederer, M., Hildebrandt, U.: Two sides of a leaf blade: Blumeria graminis needs chemical cues in cuticular waxes of Lolium perenne for germination and differentiation.Planta.230,95-105 (2009).

    2007[ to top ]

    • Riedel, M., Eichner, A., Meimberg, H., Jetter, R.: Chemical composition of epicuticular wax crystals on the slippery zone in pitchers of five Nepenthes species and hybrids.Planta.225,1517-1534 (2007).
    • Wissemann, V., Riedel, M., Riederer, M.: Matroclinal inheritance of cuticular waxes in reciprocal hybrids of Rosa species, sect. Caninae (Rosaceae).Pl. Syst. Evol.263,181-190 (2007).

    2003[ to top ]

    • Riedel, M., Eichner, A., Jetter, R.: Slippery surfaces of carnivorous plants: composition of epicuticular wax crystals in Nepenthes alata Blanco pitchers.Planta.218,87-97 (2003).