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Felix Repp (PhD)

Felix Repp

Visiting PostDoc from Institute of Physiology (Prof. Heckmann) in the image analysis group 2017-2018


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2017 [ to top ]

  • The Small World of Osteocytes: Connectomics of the Lacuno-Canalicular Network in Bone. Kollmannsberger, Philip; Kerschnitzki, Michael; Repp, Felix; Wagermaier, Wolfgang; Weinkamer, Richard; Fratzl, Peter in New Journal of Physics (2017). 19 073019.
  • Spatial heterogeneity in the canalicular density of the osteocyte network in human osteons. Repp, Felix; Kollmannsberger, Philip; Roschger, Andreas; Kerschnitzki, Michael; Berzlanovich, Andrea; Gruber, Gerlinde M.; Roschger, Paul; Wagermaier, Wolfgang; Weinkamer, Richard in Bone Reports (2017). 6 101–108.
  • Coalignment of osteocyte canaliculi and collagen fibers in human osteonal bone. Repp, Felix; Kollmannsberger, Philip; Roschger, Andreas; Berzlanovich, Andrea; Gruber, Gerlinde; Roschger, Paul; Wagermaier, Wolfgang; Weinkamer, Richard in Journal of Stuctural Biology (2017). 199 177–186.

2015 [ to top ]

  • The connection between cellular mechanoregulation and tissue patterns during bone healing. Repp, Felix; Vetter, Andreas; Duda, Georg N.; Weinkamer, Richard in Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing (2015). 53(9) 829–842.
  • Sol-gel hybrid coatings with strontium-doped 45S5 glass particles for enhancing the performance of stainless steel implants: Electrochemical, bioactive and in vivo response. Omar, Sheila; Repp, Felix; Desimone, Paula Mariela; Weinkamer, Richard; Wagermaier, Wolfgang; Cere, Silvia; Ballarre, Josefina in JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS (2015). 425 1–10.

2014 [ to top ]

  • Remodeling in bone without osteocytes: Billfish challenge bone structure–function paradigms. Atkins, Ayelet; Dean, Mason N.; Habegger, Maria Laura; Motta, Phillip J.; Ofer, Lior; Repp, Felix; Shipov, Anna; Weiner, Steve; Currey, John D.; Shahar, Ron in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2014). 111(45) 16047–16052.
  • Influence of Magnetic Fields on Magneto-Aerotaxis. Bennet, Mathieu; McCarthy, Aongus; Fix, Dmitri; Edwards, Matthew R.; Repp, Felix; Vach, Peter; Dunlop, John W. C.; Sitti, Metin; Buller, Gerald S.; Klumpp, Stefan; Faivre, Damien in PLOS ONE (2014). 9(7)