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    Niklas Terhoeven

    Niklas Terhoeven

    PhD student

    Tel: 0931 - 3180216

    eMail: niklas.terhoeven@uni-wuerzburg.de



    I am a PhD Student at the CCTB since January 2015.

    My research focuses on genomics and transcriptomics of various plants. As part of the carnivorom project, I am working on the genomes of the Venus Flytrap and its sister species Aldrovanda vesiculosa. I am also involved in a project about the evolution of stomatal closure.


    [ 2018 ] [ 2017 ] [ 2013 ]

    2018 [ to top ]

    • reper: Genome-wide identification, classification and quantification of repetitive elements without an assembled genome. Terhoeven, Niklas; Schultz, Jörg; Hackl, Thomas in The Journal of Open Source Software (2018). 3(22) 527.
    • chloroExtractor: extraction and assembly of the chloroplast genome from whole genome shotgun data. Ankenbrand, Markus J; Pfaff, Simon; Terhoeven, Niklas; Qureischi, Musga; Gündel, Maik; Weiß, Clemens L.; Hackl, Thomas; Förster, Frank in The Journal of Open Source Software (2018). 3(21) 464.

    2017 [ to top ]

    • biojs-io-biom, a BioJS component for handling data in Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format. Ankenbrand, Markus J.; Terhoeven, Niklas; Hohlfeld, Sonja; Förster, Frank; Keller, Alexander in F1000Research (2017). 5 2348.

    2013 [ to top ]

    • The bilaterian roots of cordon-bleu. Schultz, J.; Terhoeven, N. in BMC Res Notes (2013). 6(1) 393.