Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology

    June 2017


    BSc/MSc Students 2018

    Martin HochheimerMSc Translational NeuroscienceLab Rotation                                                                        
    Maria TheissMSc BiologyMaster Thesis
    Johannes SchmidtBSc BiologyBachelor Project
    Yannic LurzMSc BiochemistryMaster Project
    Helmut BeckerBSc BiologyBachelor Project

    Co-Supervised Students

    Sebastian BritzPhD StudentImaging Core Facility (with Christian Stigloher)                                   
    Philipp MostosiMaster ThesisCrystallography (with Andrea Thorn)
    Kilian MaidhofBachelor ThesisMolecular Biodiversity (with Alex Keller)


    Felix ReppVisiting Postdoc                                                                 
    Maria TheissMaster Project 2017
    Philipp MostosiMaster Project 2017
    Kristin KaltdorfVisiting PhD Student
    Mario SchneiderBachelor Project 2016

    Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology
    Gebäude 32
    Campus Hubland Nord
    97074 Würzburg

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