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    Biology has become a quantitative science due to many technological advances (e.g. in sequencing or microscopy), where one of the most important challenges lies in the extraction of new insights from large datasets. The mission of the CCTB is the development and application of new approaches for big data analysis, image processing and mathematical modeling of complex biological processes.

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    Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology
    Klara-Oppenheimer-Weg 32
    Campus Hubland Nord
    97074 Würzburg

    Selected Publications

    • Mouse ICM organoids reveal three-dimensional cell fate clustering.Mathew, Biena; Muñoz-Descalzo, Silvia; Corujo Simon, Elena; Schröter, Christian; Stelzer, Ernst H.K; Fischer, Sabine C. in Biophysical Journal (2018). 116 127-141.
    • Automated classification of synaptic vesicles in electron tomograms of C. elegans using machine learning.Kaltdorf, Kristin V; Theiss, Maria; Markert, Sebastian M; Zhen, Mei; Dandekar, Thomas; Stigloher, Christian; Kollmannsberger, Philip in PLoS one (2018). 13(10) e0205348.
    • Natural allelic variation of the AZI1 gene controls root growth under zinc-limiting condition.Bouain, Nadia; Satbhai, Santosh B.; Korte, Arthur; Saenchai, Chorpet; Desbrosses, Guilhem; Berthomieu, Pierre; Busch, Wolfgang; Rouached, Hatem in PLOS Genetics (2018). 14(4) 1-23.
    • FENNEC - Functional Exploration of Natural Networks and Ecological Communities.Ankenbrand, Markus J.; Hohlfeld, Sonja C. Y.; Foerster, Frank; Keller, Alexander in Methods in Ecology and Evolution (2018). 2028–2033.
    • The AraGWAS Catalog: a curated and standardized Arabidopsis thaliana GWAS catalog.Togninalli, Matteo; Seren, Ümit; Meng, Dazhe; Fitz, Joffrey; Nordborg, Magnus; Weigel, Detlef; Borgwardt, Karsten; Korte, Arthur; Grimm, Dominik G. in Nucleic Acids Research (2017). gkx954.
    • Biodiversity dynamics on islands: explicitly accounting for causality in mechanistic models.Leidinger, Ludwig; Cabral, Juliano Sarmento in Diversity (2017). 9(30)


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    Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology
    Gebäude 32
    Campus Hubland Nord
    97074 Würzburg

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