Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology

Molecular Biodiversity Research

In this course, we will give you an overview in how to use molecular tools for ecological biodiversity assessments. We will cover basics in traditional ecology as well, so no previous knowledge is required in this field. We will teach theory and practical work hands-in-hands, so that the course will be varied in theoretical basics, lab work and computer based analysis. You will have seen the complete workflow (although not possible to go very deep) of ecological diversity analyses based on sequence data from the beginning to the end (Sanger and NGS). Basics in bioinformatics will be an additional (short) topic in this practical, since a lot of software used for this purpose are based on the Linux command line. The second week will be mostly dedicated to getting a dataset and analyze it yourself (with our support of course) using the tools acquired in the first week. After the practical you should have a basic understanding of Phylogeny, DNA-Barcoding, Metabarcoding, Genomics and Metagenomics that may be helpful in your future studies and career.

2 Weeks Block-Practical in a group, as part of the F1 Ecology  VLV-Nr: 06100110

or 2+4 Weeks for individual students, as a full practical.