Neurobiology and Genetics

    WG Selcho

    The research interest of the WG Selcho is the anatomical and functional dissection of peptidergic and aminergic networks

    The adrenergic system of humans modulates a variety of physiological processes and behaviors. It is activated in stressful situations and induces a metabolic and behavioral adaptation including increased muscle performance and enhanced energy supply. In insects octopamine (OA) and tyramine (TA), the invertebrate counterparts of the adrenergic system, were shown to fulfill this tasks.

    The proposed project will lead to a detailed map of the OA/TA system of the whole fly. Since OA/TA regulate a large repertoire of behaviors and physiological processes, this anatomical map may help identifying the underlying neural circuit for each behavioral modulation mediated by the appropriate amine. Additionally, giving the homology to the adrenergic system of humans, this work serves as groundwork in establishing Drosophila as a model system for the modulation of peripheral organs through adrenaline/noradrenaline.

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