Chair of Physiological Chemistry

    Teaching and training

    Open consultation hours for students

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Schartl: each Wednesday 11 a.m. - 12 a.m.
    Please notify the Secretary, Room B268 (Tel. 0931-31-84148)

    Even if it is not necessary to make an appointment, we recommend asking previously by phone if Professor Schartl will be at the office because it is always possible that the consultation hours may be cancelled or postponed due to other commitments.

    Information about practical courses (Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedicine) at the departments Physiological Chemistry, Developmental Biochemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular biology

    Please inform yourself directly through log in at sb@home.

    If you have more detailed questions about the biochemical and molecular biological courses, please contact Dr. Stefanie Hauser:

    Room B210, Email: Stefanie.Hauser@biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de, Tel. 0931-31 81338

    If you have more detailed questions about the course "Modellorganismus Seminar Fische" (University calendar #0398086) please contact Dr. Christina Lillesaar:

    Room B249, Email: christina.lillesaar@biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de, Tel. 0931-31 80812

    Information about practical courses in Biology at the departments Physiological Chemistry and Developmental Biochemistry

    Modules for students of Biology (Bachelor / Master studies)

    Information about all modules can be found through sb@home!

    #0349180 (5S2PC) Physiologische Chemie 2 im Modulbereich „Spezielle Biowissenschaften 2“ für 5. Semester Bachelor Biologie

    #0349200 (6S3PC) Physiologische Chemie 3 im Modulbereich „Spezielle Biowissenschaften 3“ für 6. Semester Bachelor Biologie