Field Station Fabrikschleichach

    Topics for BSc/MSc Thesis

    Topics for thesis

    The Field Station of Fabrikschleichach (FSF) and the Nationalpark Bavarian Forest (NP BW) offers distinct topics in applied ecology for Bachelor and Master thesis based on literature, field and/or lab work. Each topic will be supervised by members of the field station team, whereas the respective supervisor is mentioned in brackets at the end of the respective topic.

    Projects at the Fieldstation Fabrikschleichach/Uniwald/Steigerwald:

    • Differences of degradation rates of different substrats (cellulose, wood, leaf litter) at university forest along a gradient of tree species (JM, Uni forest, in cooperation with Uni Freiburg, Prof. Scherer-Lorenzen)
    • Differences of soundscapes (birds, bats, insects) at university forest along a gradient of tree species (JM, Uni forest, in cooperation with Uni Freiburg, Prof. Scherer-Lorenzen)
    • Reaction of moth communities at treespecies diversity and microclimate (JM, FSF)
    • Reaction of birds and bats at treespecies diversity and microclimate (JM, FSF)
    • Comparison of biodiversity in beech forests in Iran, Georgia and Armenia (JM, FSF)
    • Effects of climate change on biodiversity of insects (JU)
    • Effects of control of gypsy moths on non-target organisms (insects, bats, birds) (SH, FSF)
    • Effects of microclimatic differences on moth communities (RP, FSF)
    • Change of color and size compositions of selected arthropod communities along forest structure and microclimatic differences (RP, FSF)
    • Reactions of moth communities to structural expansion of the university forest (RP, FSF)
    • Comparison of the beetle fauna in tinder fungus fruit bodies from red beech forests with tinder sponges from oriental beech and other tree species from the Western Palearctic (JM, FSF or NP BW)


    Projects in the Nationalpark Bavarian Forest

    • Xylobiontic beetles along a gradient of succession and light intensity (JM, FSF)

    • Habitat quantity and habitat networking of moor - An analysis of beetle communities (JM, NP BW)

    • Reaction of mollusc communities at climate change along a altitudinal gradient (JM, NP BW)

    • Mesocosm experiment with Ips typographus in the bavarian forest (SS, NP BW)

    • Microbial degradation of dead wood, dung an carrion along a climate- and landuse gradient (JE)

    • Beetle communities on dung and cadavers along a climate and land use gradient (JE)

    • 2 Master thesis: Activity of insects and bats on solitary trees in rural surrounding (2019/20, JM, in cooperation with Koordinationsstelle für Fledermausschutz, Bernd-Ulrich Rudolph)


      JM: Prof. Dr. Jörg Müller

      JU: Johannes Uhler

      SH: Sophia Hochrein

      RP: Ruth Pickert

      JE: Jana Englmeier

      SS: Dr. Sebastian Seibold (TU München)

    as of: 2022