Chair of Cell and Developmental Biology (Zoology I)



    Thursdays, 09:15 in A103  (during summer semester*: 10:15 in seminar room C102)

    Our lecture series is open to everyone.

    The titles of the talks will be announced online:
    https://www.biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de/zeb/start/ and via twitter @ZEB_UniWue

    25.01.18        Holger Kress - Bayreuth
    Size-dependent organelle transport during phagocytosis

    26.03.18         Sebastian Zoll - Oxford
    Trypanosomes' magic bullet – Understanding the structural basis of SRA-mediated immune escape in T. b. rhodesiense

    19.04.18 *       Klaus Ersfeld - Bayreuth
    Life cycle differentiation and the cytoskeleton in Trypanosoma brucei

    03.05.18 *       Kareem Elsayad - Vienna
    Optical microspectrometry for studying the underlying dynamics of life: from phase transitions to mechano-transduction

    30.05.18          Dea Slade - Vienna
    How SPOC executes the Nerve Pinch through transcriptional regulation

    14.06.18 *       Sue Vaughan  - Oxford
    How to build a flagellum: Lessons from Trypanosomes

    28.06.18 *       Roberta Sciurano - Buenos Aires
    Meiotic arrest in infertile men due to genetic disturbances

    12.07.18 *        Derek Nolan – Dublin
    The lullaby of Sleeping Sickness

    16.07.18           Totta Ehret Kasemo – RKI Berlin  (extraordinary seminar at 11:00)
    Nutrient stress during Giardia dudenalis infection: Who cares about arginine?

    20.09.18          Achim Schnaufer – Edinburgh
    Function and composition of Trypanosoma brucei mitochondrial DNA: use it or lose it.

    04.10.18          David Perez-Morga – Brussels
    Human African Trypanosomiasis Evolution and Cell Death in Trypanosoma brucei.

    18.10.18          Eva Gluenz – Oxford
    Functional dissection of the Leishmania flagellar proteome using CRISPR-Cas9 knockout screens

    15.11.18          Sonja Lorenz – Würzburg
    Elucidating specificity mechanisms in ubiquitin signaling

    29.11.18          Luc Vanhamme – Brussels
    ApoL3 and peroxidases as fine tuners of angiogenesis

    13.12.18           Terry Smith – St. Andrews
    Investigating and exploiting parasites weaknesses in lipid and associated metabolism.

    10.01.19        Annette MacLeod – Glasgow
    Trypanosomes get under your skin

    24.01.19        Paula Mac Gregor – Cambridge
    Exploitation of receptor-mediated ligand uptake for the targeted delivery of antibody-drug conjugates into Trypanosoma brucei.

    07.02.19        Sascha Knauf – DPZ Göttingen
    Disease Reservoirs in Wildlife: from Eco Health to One Health

    21.02.19        Miguel Navarro – Granada
    Trypanosome AMP-dependent protein kinase activation induces developmental
    transition from proliferative to the quiescent form: Novel players in the pathway.

    07.03.19        Jack Sunter – Oxford
    Leishmania flagellar pocket architecture is critical for pathogenicity

    21.03.19        Brice Rotureau – Pasteur, Paris
    When African trypanosomes make your skin crawl

    04.04.19        Gloria Rudenko – Imperial, London
    How does the African trypanosome control expression of its Variant Surface
    Glycoprotein coat?

    02.05.19        Anton Aebischer – RKI, Berlin
    Acquired unsaturated fatty acid catabolism: A feature on the trypanosomatid's way to
    intracellular parasitism

    16.05.19        Richard Wheeler – Oxford


     ... our open air lecture hall (only during summer)