• Honeybees (partly marked) on the edge of a brood frame
Chair of Behavioral Physiology & Sociobiology

Holzhacker, David

David Holzhacker

PhD student
Zoology II / Scheiner lab; Geography I / Paeth lab
Universität Würzburg
Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg
Building: Biozentrum (B1)
Room: D109a
Phone: +49 931 31
Link: Scheiner lab
Portrait of David Holzhacker

My research is a link between biological, geographical and sociocultural aspects of bees. The aim of my work is a spatial analysis of the honeybee. Different regions such as cities, forests, natural landscapes and agriculture areas have different effects on the development of bee colonies. Therefore, the different landscape and climate parameters, measured on beehives, are analysed to find ideal locations in urban areas for bees. In this context, the health of the hive, performance and the development of bee colonies are investigated, and the data are then transferred to cities.
From a cultural geographical point of view, a connection to trends such as ‘urban beekeeping’ is established and the acceptance and impact of the bee in urban space is presented and analysed in order to enable green and sustainable urban development. In the future the urban space should be able to be transformed into a natural and sustainable area. The focus is on merging the two topics of biology and geography.