Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    ERC funded PhD/Postdoc Positions in Tumor Biology (Würzburg, Germany)

    Our Goal

    We are looking for highly motivated postdoctoral fellows and PhD students to join the group of Elmar Wolf. Our research focuses on the function of Myc proteins and their role in cancer development. We use NGS-based modern techniques to gain whole-genome information about Myc induced cellular changes (RNA-Seq, Gro-Seq) and Myc binding (ChIP-Seq). For recent examples see: Lorenzin et al, eLife 2016; Walz et al, Nature 2014; Vo*, Wolf* et al, Cancer Cell 2016. The ongoing work aims to transfer our deep knowledge on Myc into novel therapeutical approaches.


    Applicants should possess a Master- or PhD-degree in any of the life sciences and should have a strong background in biochemistry, molecular biology, mouse tumor models or bioinformatics. Good English skills are required.

    We offer

    The successful candidates will work in an ERC funded project (ERC starting grant “Tarmyc”) and will be part of an Emmy-Noether research group (DFG) located within the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, which is headed by Prof. Martin Eilers. This constellation provides both, careful supervision in a well-thought-out project and the scientific background of one of the world-leading institutes working on Myc. The institute provides excellent equipment allowing state-of-the-art experiments and the candidate will learn techniques, which are highly beneficial for her or his later carrier in academia or industry. The department is located at the Biocenter, which provides a stimulating collaborative research environment with multiple research groups working on transcription, RNA biology, the ubiquitin system and metabolism. We collaborate with many additional life science institutes in Würzburg including the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Rudolf-Virchow Center, the ZINF center for infectious diseases, and the newly established Max-Planck Research group for systems immunology.


    The positions will start between January and June 2018 and the salary is based on TV-L In case of equivalent qualifications, disabled applicants will be preferentially considered.
    Applicants should contact Elmar Wolf and are expected to include a brief cover letter describing previous research experience and interests, CV, certificates and the contact details of two referees (end of first round: 15.10.17, later applications are welcome). Please submit the application as a single pdf file via email, subject: “Tarmyc-2017-application”.

    Dr. Elmar Wolf
    Biocenter, Am Hubland
    97074 Würzburg

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