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    Recent work on the modulation of osmotic stress by neuropeptides suggests that corazonin ameliorates stress-associated physiology through modulation of CAPA-expressing peptidergic secretory neurons and the fat body in the fly. The study is now published in PLOS Genetics, and originates from a collaboration spearheaded by Meet Zandawala and Dick Nässel and colleagues at Stockholm University with Chris' lab with former Erasmus student Marta, and the Paluzzi lab at York University, Toronto.


    Sander and Chris participated in an effort lead by Jens Habenstein and Wolfgang Rössler (Zoology II, WIR, Biocenter JMU) and Susanne Neupert (U Kassel), together with Reinhard Predel (U Cologne) on peptidomics and mass spectrometric imaging of neuropeptides in the ant brain. The results now appeared openaccess in the Journal of Neurochemistry