Lehrstuhl für Pharmazeutische Biologie

    PhD position:

    The Dröge-Laser Lab offers an opportunity for a PhD education at the Julius-von-Sachs Institute / University of Würzburg, Germany. We are seeking highly motivated students, preferentially with background knowledge on plant molecular biology. The applicant will be part of a small international team focussing on plant stress signalling, transcriptional control and pathogen defense.

    Project topic: Plant energy management in response to energy limiting conditions

    Sustaining energy homeostasis is crucial to every living being. To balance energy supply and demand, plants make use of an evolutionarily conserved managing system consisting of two counteracting kinases: TOR (TARGET OF RAPAMYCIN) supports anabolic, energy-consuming metabolism, whereas SnRK1 (Snf1-RELATED PROTEIN KINASE1) activates catabolic, energy-preserving responses. Natural conditions such as low-light, abiotic stresses or pathogen infections lead to energy depletion. Recently, we identified members of the bZIP (basic leucine ZIPPER) transcription factor family as target proteins and SnRK1 downstream mediators. Using the Arabidopsis model, this project focusses on the mechanism of starvation-induced transcription facilitated by SnRK1 and particular bZIPs. This knowledge will be crucial for future attempts to increase yield and stress tolerance of crop plants.  

    Methods: plant molecular biology methods, plant transformation, protoplast transformation, CRISPR-CAS9, promoter analyses, transcription factor binding assays, qRT-PCR, RNAseq, ChIPseq 

    Project-related References:

    Pedrotti et al. Plant Cell 2018,
    Weiste et al., PLoS Genetics, 2017,
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    Contact:  Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dröge-Laser, Julius-von-Sachs-Institute, University of Würzburg, Julius-von-Sachs-Platz 2, Germany

    email: wolfgang.droege-laser@uni-wuerzburg.de



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    Prof. Wolfgang Dröge-Laser

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