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    Meierjohann group publications

    Selected publications (Meierjohann group)

    - Schmitt A, Schmitz W, Hufnagel A, Schartl M, Meierjohann S: Peroxiredoxin 6 triggers melanoma cell growth by increasing arachidonic acid-dependent lipid signalling. Biochem J 471:267-279 (2015) (PubMed-Link)

    - Meierjohann S: Hypoxia-independent drivers of melanoma angiogenesis. Front Oncol. 5:102 (2015) (PubMed-Link)

    - Leikam C, Hufnagel AL, Otto C, Murphy DJ, Mühling B, Kneitz S, Nanda I, Schmid M, Wagner TU, Haferkamp S, Bröcker EB, Schartl M, Meierjohann S: In vitro evidence for senescent multinucleated melanocytes as a source for tumor-initiating cells. Cell Death Dis 6:e1711 (2015) (PubMed-Link)

    - Haydn JM, Hufnagel A, Grimm J, Maurus K, Schartl M, Meierjohann S: The MAPK pathway as an apoptosis enhancer in melanoma. Oncotarget 5:5040-5053 (2014) (PubMed-Link)

    - Leikam C, Hufnagel A, Walz S, Kneitz S, Fekete A, Müller MJ, Eilers M, Schartl M, Meierjohann S: Cystathionase mediates senescence evasion in melanocytes and melanoma cells. Oncogene 33:771-782 (2014) (PubMed-Link)

    - Meierjohann S: Oxidative stress in melanocyte senescence and melanoma transformation. Eur J Cell Biol 93:36-41 (2014)  (PubMed-Link)

    - Schaafhausen MK, Yang WJ, Centanin L, Wittbrodt J, Bosserhoff AK, Fischer A, Schartl M, Meierjohann S: Tumor angiogenesis is caused by single melanoma cells in a reactive oxygen species and NF-κB dependent manner. J Cell Sci 126:3862-3872 (2013) (PubMed-Link)

    - Haferkamp S, Borst A, Adam C, Becker TM, Motschenbacher S, Windhövel S, Hufnagel AL, Houben R, Meierjohann S: Vemurafenib induces senescence features in melanoma cells. J Invest Dermatol. 133:1601-1609 (2013) (PubMed-Link)

    - Laisney JA, Mueller TD, Schartl M, Meierjohann S: Hyperactivation of constitutively dimerized oncogenic EGF receptors by autocrine loops. Oncogene 32:2403-2411 (2013) (PubMed-Link)

    - Meierjohann S, Kleinschmidt MA, Wende E, Hufnagel A, Wolf K, Friedl P, Gaubatz S, Schartl M: MMP-13 mediates cell cycle progression in melanocytes and melanoma cells: in vitro studies of migration and proliferation. Mol Cancer 9:201 (2010) (PubMed-Link)

    - Schartl M, Wilde B, Laisney JA, Taniguchi Y, Takeda S, Meierjohann S: A mutated EGFR is sufficient to induce malignant melanoma with genetic background-dependent histopathologies. J Invest Dermatol. 130:249-258 (2010) (PubMed-Link)

    - Leikam C, Hufnagel A, Schartl M, Meierjohann S: Oncogene activation in melanocytes links reactive oxygen to multinucleated phenotype and senescence. Oncogene. 27:7070-7082 (2008) (PubMed-Link)