Lehrstuhl für Tierökologie und Tropenbiologie

    Dr. Oliver Mitesser

    Wiss. Mitarbeiter an der Ökologischen Station

    Dr. Oliver Mitesser

    tel: +49 931 31 86876




    - Phenologie der Pflanzen und Tiere

    - Evolution von Lebenslaufstrategien

    - Soziale Insekten 

    - Mathematische und statistische Modellierung

    Laufende Projekte

    - LandKlif

    Publikationen (die letzten 10)

    2021[ to top ]
    • Helfrich-Förster, C., Monecke, S., Spiousas, I., Hovestadt, T., Mitesser, O., and Wehr, T. (2021) Women temporarily synchronize their menstrual cycles with the luminance and gravimetric cycles of the Moon, Science Advances 7, eabe1358.
    • Uhler, J., Redlich, S., Zhang, J., Hothorn, T., Tobisch, C., Ewald, J., Thorn, S., Seibold, S., Mitesser, O., Morini{\`e}re, J., and others. (2021) Relationship of insect biomass and richness with land use along a climate gradient, Nature communications, Nature Publishing Group 12, 1–9.
    • Bae, S., M{\"u}ller, J., F{\"o}rster, B., Hilmers, T., Hochrein, S., Jacobs, M., Leroy, B. M., Pretzsch, H., Weisser, W. W., and Mitesser, O. (2021) Tracking the temporal dynamics of insect defoliation by high-resolution radar satellite data, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Wiley Online Library.
    2020[ to top ]
    • Scheiner, R., Frantzmann, F., Jäger, M., Mitesser, O., Helfrich-Förster, C., and Pauls, D. (2020) A Novel Thermal-Visual Place Learning Paradigm for Honeybees (Apis mellifera), Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 14, 56.
    2019[ to top ]
    • Hovestadt, T., Thomas, J. A., Mitesser, O., and Schönrogge, K. (2019) Multiple host use and the dynamics of host switching in host{\textendash}parasite systems, Insect Conservation and Diversity, Wiley.
    • Horn, M., Mitesser, O., Hovestadt, T., Yoshii, T., Rieger, D., and Helfrich-Förster, C. (2019) The Circadian Clock Improves Fitness in the Fruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster, Frontiers in Physiology 10, 1374.
    2018[ to top ]
    • Fronhofer, E. A., Liebig, J., Mitesser, O., and Poethke, H. J. (2018) Eusociality outcompetes egalitarian and solitary strategies when resources are limited and reproduction is costly, Ecology and Evolution.
    • Schenk, M., Mitesser, O., Hovestadt, T., and Holzschuh, A. (2018) Overwintering temperature and body condition shift emergence dates of spring-emerging solitary bees, {PeerJ}, {PeerJ} 6, e4721.
    • Hovestadt, T., Degen, T., and Mitesser, O. (2018) Suitable triggers for timing the transition from worker to sexual production in annual eusocial insects, Insectes Sociaux.