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    PhD and research assistant position available


    A PhD position and a research assistant position working on the neuroethology of hawkmoth vision are available in Anna Stöckl’s group. Learn more about the positions ...

    PhD position and research assistant position in the Stöckl lab

    The Stöckl lab invites applications from talented candidates for a PhD position (3 years) and a research assistant position (1 year). We study the visual neuroethology of hawkmoths – in particular spatial information processing and its consequences for flower selection and movement control. To answer these questions we combine intracellular electrophysiology, quantitative behavioural experiments and neuroanatomical methods (immunohistochemistry, block-face SEM). You can find more information on the positions and the projects they are associated with in the following documents:

    PhD position

    Research assistant position


    Please send applications as a single pdf file including a cover letter, CV, and the name of two references to Anna Stöckl: anna.stoeckl@uni-wuerzburg.de.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

    The application deadline is October 8th, 2019.