Neurobiology and Genetics


    Contact person: Irina Wenzel

    Languages: German, English, Spanish

    E-mail: irina.wenzel@uni-wuerzburg.de

    Phone: +49 931 31 88048

    This is how I can help you

    • Handing over of keys
    • Activation of employee's cards to access our department
    • Handing over of transponders for our guests

    • Application for student assistant and employee contracts (directives from the professors needed)
    • support for travel applications, reimbursement and others
    • flextime issues
    • holiday and sick leave registrations

    • appointment allocation with professors
    • appointment allocation for exams (teaching post, state examination)
    • information about courses and lectures
    • information about Bachelor or Master thesis in our department
    • information about attestation of equivalence
    • grading of exams held in our department
    • organisation of examination inspections
    • contact for Erasmus students
    • and others

    • appointment allocation with professors
    • book-keeping issues
    • third-pary funds issues
    • announcment of presentation events
    • guest welcome and support