AG Raabe

    p21 activated kinase Mbt/PAK4 in neurogenesis and neurodegeneration

    In this project we investigate the role of p21 activated kinase Mbt/PAK4 in neurogenesis and neurodegeneration. In the Drosophila eye, Mbt has an essential role in morphogenetic processes during the final differentiation of photoreceptor cells especially regarding adherens junctions morphogenesis and dynamics (Menzel, et al., 2007; Schneeberger, et al., 2003). Recently we showed that formation of isolated N-Cadherin adherens junctions during eye development requires a proper balance between the promoting effects of Mbt and the inhibiting influences of non-receptor tyrosine kinases SRC. Mbt is required in photoreceptor R3/R4 for zipping the N-Cadherin adherens junctions (Pütz, 2019).

    In the developing brain, Mbt function is needed for proper neuroblast proliferation. Precisely, cell size and mitotic activity are significantly reduced in mbt mutant neuroblasts (Melzer, et al., 2013). In the last decade p21 activated kinase were shown to be important for several neurodegenerative disorders, by which the project shifts to the question of whether Mbt in addition to its role during development and neurogenesis also have a neuroprotective function.

    We found evidence for a causative relationship between loss of Mbt and the appearance of Parkinson´s disease like symptoms in Drosophila, including age-dependent climbing performance and sleep fragmentation.

    Key publications

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