• Botanik 2
Department of Botany II – Plant Ecophysiology

Phytopathogenic fungi on surfaces


Phytopathogenic fungi on surfaces

The plant cuticle forms the primary contact plane of plants with phytopathogenic fungi. Structure and chemical composition of the plant cuticle can significantly impact fungal infection processes. We therefore investigate to which extent cuticular components affect fungal infestation. We mainly focus on the obligate biotroph Blumeria graminis, causing powdery mildew infections in grasses.



  • The role of cuticular waxes in the prepenetration processes of the powdery mildew fungus Blumeria graminis
  • Preventing and controlling powdery mildew disease (B. graminis) in grasses with anthraquinone derivatives
  • Host-independent hyphal growth of B. graminis