Comoe Research Station



The research station consists of a total of 14 living houses with permanent electricity (provided by solar panels), running, potable water, toilet and shower, basic furnishing and the capacity to hold up to four persons per house on average and the possibility to hold up to six researchers on a short term visit.


The laboratory is a large air-conditioned building offering several large rooms for experiments and also includes basic equipment, six offices, a infirmary, a potential aviary and a pond. Internet access is also available in the lab.


The refectory consists of a large kitchen and a dining area, which provides two warm meals per day (for lunch and dinner) and breakfast in the morning.


The large garage is able to hold up to four Toyota four-wheel drive cars, with a storeroom for spare parts, tools, bicycles and motorcycles. Most of which are usable by the researchers for field experiments. The garage also offers equipment for rudimentary repairs and maintenance of the cars and a large fuel tank able to hold 5000 l of Diesel fuel.

Electricity and Water

A 30KVA- solar station provides electricity to the whole research station 24h a day. In case of a power shortage there is also a 30KVA backup Diesel generator. Water is provided from a water tower that provides, through a water pump, best quality ground water from a depth of 80 m.


The workshop is operated by our staff members Koffi Kouadio and David Kouassi and can be used to create all types of tools necessary for field ecological research involving welding and carpentry.


The main operating languages at the research station are German and English, although it is advised to also have basic knowledge in French since our Ivorian employees only speak French and people in Cote d’Ivoire rarely speak another European language.