Msc Biochemistry


Application Period

Application is possible during the application period from 1st April on through 1st June of each year.
The Biochemistry Master´s program at the University of Wuerzburg starts in October / winter-semester, only.

Required Qualifications

Applicants need to have a documented background in biochemistry and/or molecular biology. During their Bachelor studies they must have acquired the following number of credits either in area A or in area B:

Area A

  • 35 ECTS: Fundamental competences in bioanalytics, biochemistry, molecular biology & structural biology
  • 10 ECTS: Documented knowledge of any combination of the following topics: cell biology, pathobiochemistry, toxicology, molecular tumor biology, virology, immunology, neurobiology, human genetics, microbiology, bioinformatics, biophysics
  • 55 ECTS: Documented knowledge of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry

Area B

  • 20 ECTS: Fundamental competences in biochemistry and molecular biology
  • 20 ECTS: Documented knowledge of any combination of the following topics: animal physiology, anatomy or histology, toxicology, pathology
  • 25 ECTS: Documented knowledge of any combination of the following topics: genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, microbiology

(If necessary, your credits will be converted to the ECTS system)

In addition, applicants need to have completed their BSc studies with a grade average of 2.5 or better according to the German system (non-German grades will be appropriately converted).

Applicants who have not completed their BSc studies at the time of application can be provisionally admitted if, at the time of application, they have acquired the minimal number of credits listed above and they have acquired a total of 145 ECTS. Such candidates must hand in their BSc certificate (demonstrating a final grade of 2.5 or better) by the end of the re-immatriculation period during the 1st semester at the latest (end of January / beginnging of February), in order to remain enrolled in this MSc program.

Language skills

Proof of sufficient English language skills (at least level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR), is mandatory, verified by a relevant language certificate.

Please note: the attestation of English as language of instruction in the Bachelor´s program is not sufficient.

German language skills are not mandatory, but at least basic skills are highly recommended. It is possible to study this programme completely in English, but you may have sporadic limitations in your choice of subject then, as few modules are only taught in German. There is no requirement for any additional standardized test like the GRE.


Required documents for application

[Note: you will have to upload pdf-files of all documents/scans needed]

  • Curriculum vitae
  • current Transcript of Records of the Bachelor degree *
  • Bachelor degree certificate (if BSc degree is already completed) *
  • Grading scale Bachelor with maximum grade (= best grade possible) and minimum final grade required to be awarded the degree (not for passing individual courses!) *
  • Language certificate English level B2
  • Secondary school leaving certificate including subjects and grades (e.g. Abitur, High School Diploma, A-Levels, or equivalent) *
  • Motivation letter

* official document in original language + certified translation in German or English (if the original language is other than German or English)

Additional country-specific documents
(must be presented before final acceptance)

  • APS – Certificate of the Academic Evaluation Center if you hold a Chinese, Vietnamese or Indian school or university degree.
    Please refer to the following links:

China: APS Beijing

Vietnam: APS Hanoi

India: APS New Delhi

  • “Vorprüfungsdokumentation” (VPD) – preliminary review documentation for international University degrees (not necessary, if you hold a German Bachelor´s degree or an equivalent University degree from an EU / EEA country)

For detailed informations please refer to this LINK (JMU-Link:

Evaluation of documents and subsequent eligibility interview

Candidates whose submitted documents demonstrate that they meet the above listed criteria will be further evaluated in an oral 30-minute eligibility interview. Successfull candidates will finally be informed within 4 weeks about their admission to the program.

Everything ready? Then start with the online application to our Biochemistry Master´s program here!

Please note - application period starts on April 1st

Application deadline is 1. June 2024 for the study program beginning 15. October 2024.

Applications have to be submitted electronically. You do not have to send us any documents as hardcopies via postal mail.

After creating an account, you will receive a confirmation e-mail once your account is set active. This confirmation may take up to 48 hours - thanks for your patience.