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Chair of Behavioral Physiology & Sociobiology

Integrative behavioral sciences: Neuroethology – Behavioral Ecology – Evolution

Understanding the foundations of behavior is the central focus of research at the chair of behavioral physiology and sociobiology (Zoology II).  Insects express a fascinating behavioral repertoire and are of outstanding ecological importance. Behavior determines interactions of organisms with their environment and is the “final product” of a complex interplay between endogenous and exogenous factors. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms underlying behavior by using an integrative approach – from the molecular, sensory and neuronal mechanisms to the function of ecological and social interactions up to their evolutionary foundations. Research groups at the chair focus on different aspects of the behavioral sciences, they apply state of the art techniques and strive for close interactions between research and teaching. Interactions with other groups in the collaborative research focus on insect sciences at the Biocenter and across the University of Würzburg create an innovative, interdisciplinary and highly productive research and training environment. In this context the chair partners with the Würzburg Insect Research (WIR) network.

Research groups

Pfeiffer lab - Neuroethology of spatial orientation

Prof. Dr. Keram Pfeiffer

Room: D136
Tel: +49 931 31-88510

Roces lab -
Behavioral ecology

Prof. Dr. Flavio Roces

Room: D120
Tel: +49 931 31-84311

Rössler lab - Neuroethology of social insects

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rössler

Room: D116
Tel: +49 931 31-84306

Scheiner lab - Behavioral biology of the honeybee

Prof. Dr. Ricarda Scheiner

Room: D127
Tel: +49 931 31-84745

Spaethe lab -
Sensory ecology

PD Dr. Johannes Spaethe

Room: D111
Tel: +49 931 31-83408

Thamm lab -
Molecular behavioral physiology

Dr. Markus Thamm

Room: D113
Tel: +49 931 31-86962

Central facilities

Bee station

Bienenstation der Universität Würzburg

Theodor-Boveri-Weg 6
97074 Würzburg

Ant facility

Ameisenhaltung (Zoologie II)

Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg