High-Content Microscopy


    Light Microscopy

    Perkin Elmer Operetta High-Content Imaging System (HCS)

    Automated image acquisition and image analysis on multi well plates ( 6 – 384 wells)

    Fluorescense (Dapi to far red) , transmitted light and digital-phase contrast imaging

    Objectives: 2x,10x high NA, 20x, 40x high NA,

    Live cell imaging with incorporated CO2 and temperature controls

    PhenoLOGIC Machine learning

    Hamony High-Content Analysis Software

    Usage fee (per hour): project dependent, please inquire.

    Contact Person : Dr. Ursula EilersDr. Christina Schülein-Völk

    Room DK04, Core Facility Functional Genomics

    Leica DM6000B upright microscope - LMD6500 Laser Microdissection system

    Objectives: 1.25x DRY, 5x Dry, 10x DRY, 20x DRY, 40x CORR, 40Lx CORR

    (5x, 10x, 20x and 40Lx are suitable for laser microdissection)

    Filter cubes: A4 (blue), L5 (green), Y5 (red)

    Camera: DFC295 (digital color camera), DFC360FX (for fluorescence microscopy)

    Usage fee (per hour): 20 € (internal Biocenter ), 35 € (external)

    Contact Person: Beatrice Dankworth

    Room B322 (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)