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GfÖ Konferenz in Metz


Glücklicher Schnappschuss

Ein Schnappschuss der Wildtierkamera aus dem Universitätswald Sailershausen zeigt (höchst wahrscheinlichen) eine Wildkatze.

Neue Publikationen

2023[ to top ]
  • Factors influencing carrion communities are only partially consistent with those of deadwood necromass von Hoermann, Christian; Benbow, M. Eric; Rottler-Hoermann, Ann-Marie; Lackner, Tom{\’{a}}{\v{s}}; Sommer, David; Receveur, Joseph P.; Bässler, Claus; Heurich, Marco; Müller, Jörg in Oecologia (2023).
2022[ to top ]
  • Forest gaps accelerate the degradation of cellulose and lignin in decaying logs in a subalpine forest Wang, Zhuang; Tan, Bo; Yang, Wanqin; Wang, Qin; Chang, Chenhui; Wang, Lifeng; Li, Han; You, Chengming; Cao, Rui; Jiang, Yurui; Müller, Jörg in European Journal of Forest Research (2022).
  • Depicting environmental gradients from Malaise trap samples: Is ethanol-based DNA metabarcoding enough? Chimeno, Caroline; Hübner, Jeremy; Seifert, Linda; Morinièrere, Jérôme; Bozicevic, Vedran; Hausmann, Axel; Schmidt, Stefan; Müller, Jörg in Insect Conservation and Diversity (2022).