Chair of Biochemistry

    Cryo Electron Miroscopy



    The facility for electron cryo microscopy provides facilitated access to a Titan-Krios G3 with an X-FEG source, 300 kV and a Falcon III camera with direct electron detection. The set-up is optimized for high-resolution, high-throughput image acquisition for structure determination by single particle image analysis. Image acquisition can be in linear mode or in counting  mode. The acquisition is automated using EPU  and can run over several days withoout further intervention. Typical, data acquisitions  take 1-3 days. Longer sessions can also be accommodated  if needed .

    The facility started in 2018. As of June 2022 it has served more than 30 groups from 10 different universities. A list of publications that made use of the facility is listed below.

    Access is fee-based and regulated by access rules, which can be downloaded here.

    If you are interested in access , need a quote or want to discuss your project: Please contact cryo-em@uni-wuerzburg.de    


    Publications that made use of the facility

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