Chair of Biochemistry

    Cryo Electron Miroscopy



    The facility for electron cryo microscopy provides facilitated access to a Titan-Krios G3 with an X-FEG source, 300 kV and a Falcon III camera with direct electron detection. The set-up is optimized for high-resolution, high throughput single particle acquisition in linear or counting mode using EPU.

    The facility started in 2018. Since then it has served more than 15 groups from 5 different universities.

    Access is fee-based and regulated by access rules, which can be downloaded here.

    If you are interested in access , please contact cryo-em@uni-wuerzburg.de    


    Recent Publications that made use of the facility

    1. N. Famelis, A. Rivera-Calzada, G. Degliesposti, M. Wingender, N. Mietrach, J. M. Skehel, R. Fernandez-Leiro, B. Bottcher, A. Schlosser, O. Llorca and S. Geibel (2019)  Architecture of the mycobacterial type VII secretion system. Nature  576, 321-325  
    2. T. Rasmussen, V. J. Flegler, A. Rasmussen and B. Bottcher (2019)  Structure of the Mechanosensitive Channel MscS Embedded in the Membrane Bilayer. J Mol Biol  431, 3081-3090.
    3. B. Song, J. Lenhart, V. J. Flegler, C. Makbul, T. Rasmussen and B. Bottcher (2019)  Capabilities of the Falcon III detector for single-particle structure determination. Ultramicroscopy  203, 145-154.
    4. A. Thesseling, T. Rasmussen, S. Burschel, D. Wohlwend, J. Kagi, R. Muller, B. Bottcher and T. Friedrich (2019)  Homologous bd oxidases share the same architecture but differ in mechanism. Nat Commun  10, 5138.