Chromosome Biology

All aspects of life depend on the correct expression, replication and segregation of a cell's genome. Our research groups use a  variety of approaches that range from single-molecule in vitro reconstitution systems to the generation of complex animal models to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie chromosome function.

Research Units

Latest Publications

Dekker et al.

How do molecular motors fold the genome?

Science (2023)

Fetiva et al.

Oncogenic YAP mediates changes in chromatin accessibility and activity that drive cell cycle gene expression and cell migration

Nucleic Acid Research (2023)

Shaltiel et al.

A hold-and-feed mechanism drives directional DNA loop extrusion by condensin

Science (2022)

Leone et al.

IQGAP3, a YAP Target, Is Required for Proper Cell-Cycle Progression and Genome Stability

Mol Cancer Res (2021)

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