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    Collaborative Research Centre 1047


    Overview of Projects

    Project A1 Förster:
    The circadian clock network of selected insect

    Project A2 Senthilan/Förster:
    Role of photoreceptors in synchronising Drosophila’s clock to natural conditions

    Project A3 Nagel/Rieger:
    Optophysiological analysis of the clock network of D. melanogaster: Manipulating neuronal excitability and cAMP levels of individual clock neurons

    Project A4 Fekete/Müller:
    Functional impact of clock genes on circadian timing of metabolism: a metabolomics approach

    Project A5 Kittel/Langenhan:
    Circadian plasticity at synapses of Drosophila melanogaster

    Project A6 Raabe:
    Cooperative and distinct functions of the protein kinases CK2 and RSK in regulation of the circadian clock and synaptic plasticity of Drosophila

    Project B1 Gallant:
    The coordination of growth and developmental timing

    Project B2 Wegener:
    Timing of peptide-orchestrated eclosion behaviour in the fruit fly Drosophila

    Project B3 Spaethe:
    Developmental timing mechanisms during the formation of the compound eye in the honeybee worker, queen and drone

    Project B4 Heisenberg:
    In search of time-specific memories in Drosophila

    Project B5 Groh:
    Timing of behavioural transitions and sensory preferences in Camponotus ants

    Project B6 Rössler/Wehner:
    Neuronal basis of orientation in time and space in Cataglyphis ants

    Project C1 Roces:
    Timing decisions in ant colonies: information management, social synchronization, and the determinants of task-related circadian patterns

    Project C2 Steffan-Dewenter/Härtel:
    Timing of colony phenology and foraging activity in honeybees

    Project C3 Krauss:
    Timing and phenology shifts in interacting plant – herbivore – predator systems

    Project C4 Holzschuh:
    Timing in plant-pollinator interactions

    Project C5 Rieger:
    The impact of Drosophila’s endogenous clock on fitness: Influence of light (day length), temperature and nutrition

    Project C6 Poethke/Hovestadt:
    The evolutionary value of timing and timing precision in insect phenology

    Project Z:
    Central administration and project coordination of the collaborative research centres