Chair of Behavioral Physiology & Sociobiology

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Bachelor, master, admissions work & internship topics

At our Chair, there is the opportunity to actively participate in the research of a working group within the framework of internships and theses (Bachelor's, Master's, admission to the teaching profession).

The following working groups regularly offer topics. Please find out about the current research priorities on the working group and personal pages and contact the respective working group leaders:


Please note:

The processing period for a bachelor's thesis is usually 4 months (including a 6-week preparatory internship), for a master's thesis it is usually 9 months (including a 10-week preparatory internship) and for an experimental thesis at least 10 weeks (if possible in a block).

Current topics

Our research groups are currently looking for motivated students for the following topics and to your interest!

F1 practical course

F1 practical course on behavioral biology of honeybees (AG Scheiner)

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