Chair of Behavioral Physiology & Sociobiology

Communication Biology

Module I: Behavioural Physiology and Sociobiology

Event abrreviation: 07-MS1K
Event type: lecture and Seminar (in German)
Semester: in winter only
Semester hours: 3
Exam type:

oral presentation

ECTS: 10
Contact: O. Geissler

The lecture gives a comprehensive overview of the general principles, physiological and neurobiological foundations, adaptive values ​​and evolutionary biological aspects of the various forms of communication in the animal kingdom. The following topics are covered: evolution of communication signals, acoustic, vibratory, visual communication, basics of chemical communication, chemical communication in vertebrates and insects, adaptation of communication to extreme habitats and communication in bee and ant colonies. As part of the seminar, the students work on primary literature on the respective topics and present them in a lecture.

Please note:
The module can be introduced as a B version in the additional area with passed/failed and 7 ECTS. Participation in a preliminary meeting is obligatory for all participants (WP1 + WP2).