The Biocenter Today

Our Biocenter brings together researchers from the molecular, organismic and structural fields of life sciences. To that end the chairs of the Faculty of Biology, four chairs of the Faculty of Medicine, and one chair of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy are all combined under one roof.

The Center has two sites:

  • The majority of the research facilities are housed in the main Hubland building,
  • plant sciences are based near the botanical gardens at the Dallenberg campus.

One of the key benefits of such a research facility is to make centrally available key technologies which cannot be maintained by individual working groups or chairs. Thus, the establishment and further development of central facilities is an important aim of our Biocenter. Here are some examples of this successful work:

  • Work with model organisms has always been one of the Biocenter's strengths. Central facilities for work with rodents, fish and amphibians are components of this field of research. The facilities for keeping model organisms have recently been expanded to meet an increasing demand for facilities.
  • The Department of Electron Microscopy was the first centralized research and service facility in the Biocenter. It has proved so successful that it is to be expanded into a bioimaging centre.
  • Following the example of Electron Microscopy, in recent years further central facilities have been created: A genetic screening platform affording valuable insights into gene function, and a Metabolomics Unit for research into metabolomes and thus the metabolic characteristics of cells, tissue, or organisms.