The Biocenter of the University of Wuerzburg

General Information

  1. Currently only pipettes made by the manufacturer Gilson are serviced in the central workshop. Each pipette should be individually marked by a clearly legible serial number.
  2. Immediately after having submitted an order, please bring the pipettes to the central workshop (room B031) and place them on the designated shelf.
  3. If you need personal contact, please ask for Mr. Streck.
  4. After the repair, you are automatically notified via e-mail and can pick up the pipettes in the same place.
  5. The workshop staff will service only clean pipettes!
  6. Pipettes must be decontaminated if necessary. Pipettes used with radioactive materials must be tested by the responsible radiation safety officer.

By placing an order you acknowledge the following statement:

I certify that the pipette has been cleaned and is not contaminated in any way with dangerous substances.

If you are not yet registered for the pipette service CONTINUE to register.

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