Zentrale Abteilung für Mikroskopie - Imaging Core Facility

    Electron Microscopy

    JEOL JSM-7500F

    Scanning Electron Microscope

    with Field Emission Gun

    LEI, SEI, LABE and STEM detectors

    Usage fee (per hour)  25€ (internal BIOC.) 35€ (external)

    Room DK08

    JEOL JEM-2100

    Transmission Electron Microscope

    Operated at 80 kV and 200 kV

    Camera systems:

    TVIPS F416 4k x 4k

    Olympus Veleta 2k x 2k

    Usage fee (per hour)  30€ (internal BIOC.) 40€ (external) 

    Room DK09

    FEI / Thermo Fisher Scientific QUANTA 200 F

    Scanning Electron Microscope

    With Field Emission Gun and Low-Vacuum / ESEM-mode

    ETD, GSED and LFD detectors

    Usage fee (per hour) 25€ (internal BIOC.) 35€ (external)

    Room A111

    JEOL JEM-1400 Flash

    Transmission Electron Microscope

    Operated at 80 kV, 100 kV and 120 kV

    Camera system: 

    Matataki Flash 2k x 2k

    Usage fee (per hour) 30€ (internal BIOC.) 40€ (external) 

    Room DK12

    A dedicated graphics workstation is available for electron tomography reconstruction, image analysis and segmentation.

    For tilt series acquisitions for electron tomography reconstructions with Serial EM

    please contact Christian Stigloher

    For full support during the microscopy session 25€ per hour are charged in addition.