Zentrale Abteilung für Mikroskopie - Imaging Core Facility
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of serial ultrathin sections reveals new insight into the organization of Maurer´s clefts in the cytoplasm of Plasmodium falciparum -infected erythrocytes. For further details, see article by Wickert et al. EJCB2004.  

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Optical sections of mitotic chromosomes of zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos at the cleavage stage after staining with antibodies against the integral membrane protein of the inner nuclear membrane LAP{omega} (red) and the DNA-staining dye Hoechst (blue). These early developmental stages are characterized by the association of nuclear-envelope-forming vesicles with mitotic chromosomes prior to anaphase, resulting in the formation of a nuclear envelope around each single chromosome (upper nucleus; approximately 15 chromosomes are visible). Subsequently nuclear membranes of neighbouring karyomeres start to fuse (lower nucleus). For further details, see the article by Schoft et al. JCS2003. 

Cover picture (right)

Down-regulation of Drosophila lamin Dm0 in cultured Drosophila Kc167 cells by RNA interference. The reduction of lamin Dm0 in the nuclear envelope (upper micrograph; green colour) does affect the localization of some inner nuclear membrane proteins like Bocksbeutel and otefin but not that of the lamin B receptor (lower micrograph; red colour). For further details, see article by Wagner et al. EJCB2004

PANOS2019 Spring Meeting

Ein außergewöhnlicher Kurs

Seit gut 40 Jahren bietet die European Molecular Biology Organization Kurse in Elektronenmikroskopie für Wissenschaftler aus aller Welt an. Im Juni 2018 fand dieser Kurs am Biozentrum der Uni Würzburg statt.


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