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    Drought is one of the major factors limiting plant performance. In this project we use natural variation to identfy factors important for drought tolerance.

    A main goal in agricultural research is the resilience of crop productivity under drought stress. So, the idea is to minimize the impact of water shortage on plant performance.  



    Analysis of phenotypic data under different drought scenarios




    • Leaf growth response to mild drought: natural variation in Arabidopsis sheds light on trait architecture. Clauw, Pieter; Coppens, Frederik; Korte, Arthur; Herman, Dorota; Slabbinck, Bram; Dhondt, Stijn; Van Daele, Twiggy; De Milde, Liesbeth; Vermeersch, Mattias; Maleux, Katrien; others, in The Plant Cell (2016). 28(10) 2417--2434.

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