• Prof. Dr. Gessler, disskutiert mit zwei seiner Mitarbeiter die Ergebnisse eine Gelelektrophorese.

Advanced courses

With the CRISPR/Cas9-system you can modify the genome of human kidney cells or murine embryonic stem cells in a specific and precise way. The impact of this introduced mutation on the cells’ differentiation potential can then be investigated with a plethora of biochemical methods. For instance, you can analyze the expression of specific genes with quantitative real-time PCR or Western Blot.

Furthermore, through in vitro cultures of human Wilms tumor cells and their genome sequencing, you can help to contribute to a better understanding of this disease and thus, to finding effective treatments in the future.

  • Cloning of a homologous recombination vector to introduce an inducible tumor-specific duplication of  BCOR
  • Differentiation alterations of Embryoid Bodies after the C-terminal deletion in the BCOR gene