Wilms Tumor Biobank

Within the SIOP/GPOH study, we run the German bank for pediatric renal tumors. Our goal is to gather as much material as possible from any patient for research purposes. The majority represent Wilms tumors (nephroblastomas). The survival rate is very good with adequate therapy over 90%, although new treatments for high-risk patients or possibilities to reduce the therapy are further sought. About a close cooperation with the pathological reference center and clinical study director, the tumor bank is an integral component of the study. The large number of samples of the tumor bank allows the search for molecular causes, prognostic markers and potential new therapy concepts, which can contribute to the treatment of nephroblastoma.

Through close cooperation with many children's hospitals and pathologists (within the framework of the German Wilms Tumor Study) and European partners (SIOP-RTSG, Société Internationale d'Oncologie Pédiatrique Renal Tumour Study Group), we can analyze sufficient material and data also from rarer tumors, e.g. rhabdoid tumors of the kidney, clear cell sarcoma or cystic nephroma. 

Overview of requirements:

  • If possible, provide photos and documentation of the place of removal
  • Label appropriately all tubes
  • Fill out the submission form
  • Keep shock-frozen tumor material on dry ice in tumor box
  • Provide frozen kidney tissue or blood (NO heparin) as a control
  • Tumor tissue sent natively in NaCl / RPMI / DMEM / ..., and transported uncooled IN tumor box or separately
  • Overnight shipment of the tumor box with dry ice (tumor + possible kidney tissue) or in immersion (vital tumor + possible blood)
  • No dispatch on Fridays – there is no delivery on Saturdays