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S. Schieferle, B. Tappe, P. Korte, M. Mueller, S. Berger (2021) Pathogens and elicitors induce local and systemic changes in triacylglycerol metabolism in roots and in leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana. 
Biology 10(9), 920

E. Ferber, J. Gerhards, M. Sauer, M. Krischke, MT. Dittrich, T. Müller, S. Berger, A. Fekete, MJ. Mueller (2020) Chemical priming by isothiocyanates protects against intoxication by products of the mustard oil bomb.
Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 887

S. Findling, HU. Stotz, M. Zoeller, M. Krischke, M. Zander, C. Gatz, S. Berger, MJ. Mueller (2018) TGA2 signaling in response to reactive electrophile species is not dependent on cysteine modification of TGA2.
PLoS One 13(4), e0195398

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Plant Cell Physiology 58, 925-933

J. Awad, HU. Stotz, A. Fekete, M. Krischke, C. Engert, M. Havaux, S. Berger, MJ. Mueller (2015) 2-Cys peroxiredoxins and thylakoid ascorbate peroxidase create a water-water cycle that is essential to protect the photosynthetic apparatus under high light stress conditions.
Plant Physiology 167, 1592-1603

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Plant signaling & behavior 9 (10): e972794

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Func. Plant Biology 41(2), 133-143

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Plant Physiology 161(4), 2159-70

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Molecular Plant 3, 1037-1048

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2003 und früher

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