Field Station Fabrikschleichach

    Prof. Dr. Jörg Müller

    Head of research group

    Prof. Dr. Jörg Müller

    phone: +49 931 31 83378


    Research interests

    - Forest Ecology and Conservation

    - Ecological concepts in conservation

    - Deadwood ecology

    - Mechanism affecting species loss along land-use gradients and by climate change

    - Biodiversity in Beech forests

    - Saproxylic beetles

    Current projects

    - Bioholz

    - Bioklim

    - Climtree

    - Windthrow project

    Publications (latest 10)

    2023[ to top ]
    • Factors influencing carrion communities are only partially consistent with those of deadwood necromass von Hoermann, Christian; Benbow, M. Eric; Rottler-Hoermann, Ann-Marie; Lackner, Tom{\’{a}}{\v{s}}; Sommer, David; Receveur, Joseph P.; Bässler, Claus; Heurich, Marco; Müller, Jörg in Oecologia (2023).
    2022[ to top ]
    • Effects of forest canopy density and epixylic vegetation on nutrient concentrations in decaying logs of a subalpine fir forest Wang, Zhuang; Yang, Wanqin; Tan, Bo; Wang, Qin; Wang, Lifeng; Chang, Chenhui; Cao, Rui; Jiang, Yurui; Müller, Jörg in Forest Ecosystems (2022). 9 100064.
    • Regeneration in European beech forests after drought: the effects of microclimate, deadwood and browsing Thom, Dominik; Ammer, Christian; Annighöfer, Peter; Aszanlós, Réka; Dittrich, Sebastian; Hagge, Jonas; Keeton, William S.; Kovacs, Bence; Krautkrämer, Ole; Müller, Jörg; von Oheimb, Goddert; Seidl, Rupert in European Journal of Forest Research (2022).
    • Smaller, more diverse and on the way to the top: Rapid community shifts of montane wild bees within an extraordinary hot decade Maihoff, Fabienne; Friess, Nicolas; Hoiss, Bernhard; Schmid-Egger, Christian; Kerner, Janika; Neumayer, Johann; Hopfenmüller, Sebastian; Bässler, Claus; Müller, Jörg; Classen, Alice in Diversity and Distributions (2022).
    • Response of cavity nesting birds to Lymantria dispar (Lepidoptera) and aerial spraying - An experimental approach Hochrein, Sophia; Mitesser, Oliver; Liebhold, Andrew M.; Weisser, Wolfgang W; Leroy, Benjamin M. L.; Pretzsch, Hans; Hilmers, Torben; Rabl, Dominik; Müller, Jörg in Forest Ecology and Management (2022). 524 120520.
    • Forest gaps accelerate the degradation of cellulose and lignin in decaying logs in a subalpine forest Wang, Zhuang; Tan, Bo; Yang, Wanqin; Wang, Qin; Chang, Chenhui; Wang, Lifeng; Li, Han; You, Chengming; Cao, Rui; Jiang, Yurui; Müller, Jörg in European Journal of Forest Research (2022).
    • Depicting environmental gradients from Malaise trap samples: Is ethanol-based DNA metabarcoding enough? Chimeno, Caroline; Hübner, Jeremy; Seifert, Linda; Morinièrere, Jérôme; Bozicevic, Vedran; Hausmann, Axel; Schmidt, Stefan; Müller, Jörg in Insect Conservation and Diversity (2022).
    • Fluctuating insect diversity, abundance and biomass across agricultural landscapes Hausmann, Axel; Ulrich, Werner; Segerer, Andreas H.; Greifenstein, Thomas; Knubben, Johannes; Morinière, Jerôme; Bozicevic, Vedran; Doczkal, Dieter; Günter, Armin; Müller, Jörg; Habel, Jan Christian in Scientific Reports (2022). 12(1)
    • Dung-visiting beetle diversity is mainly affected by land use, while community specialization is driven by climate Englmeier, Jana; von Hoermann, Christian; Rieker, Daniel; Benbow, Marc Eric; Benjamin, Caryl; Fricke, Ute; Ganuza, Cristina; Haensel, Maria; Lackner, Tom{\’{a}}{\v{s}}; Mitesser, Oliver; Redlich, Sarah; Riebl, Rebekka; Rojas-Botero, Sandra; Rummler, Thomas; Salamon, Jörg-Alfred; Sommer, David; Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf; Tobisch, Cynthia; Uhler, Johannes; Uphus, Lars; Zhang, Jie; Müller, Jörg in Ecology and Evolution (2022). 12(10)
    • Quantifying wood decomposition by insects and fungi using computed tomography scanning and machine learning Seibold, Sebastian; Müller, Jörg; Allner, Sebastian; Willner, Marian; Baldrian, Petr; Ulyshen, Michael D.; Brandl, Roland; Bässler, Claus; Hagge, Jonas; Mitesser, Oliver in Scientific Reports (2022). 12(1)