Ecological Station



Biodiversity in deadwood - basis for improving the sustainable protection of beech forests in the Caucasus and in Germany


Enhancing the structural diversity between patches for improving multidiversity and multifunctionaliy in production forests

Block dumps

Investigation of the species communities of block dumps in the Bavarian Rhön and the Fichtelgebirge mountains


GBOL III: Subproject 4: Case study to assess the role of parasitoids during an outbreak of a forest pest.

Biodiversity fact check

BMBF research initiative for the conservation of biodiversity


Gap Response in Forest Insects – From communities to cellular processes


Project LIFEPLAN – A Planetary Inventory of Life


Life-Projekt Saproxylic Habitat Network

The Main Valley Project

Ecosystem-based solutions for hazard scenarios in the Franconian Main valley (MainPro)

Multitrophic diversity NGS

Influence of tree species and microclimate on multitrophic diversity in deadwood.


Real-time earth Observation of fOrest dynamics and biodiversiTy

Gypsy moth

What is the impact of gypsy moth and the insecticide Mimic on non-target organisms, such as diurnal and moth moths, birds, and bats?


Trees as Islands – on the phylogenetic isolation of trees in mixed forests

Forest dieback in Franconia

The impact of the 2018-2019 tree die-off in Bavaria on forest resilience and biodiversity.

Windthrow StMUV

Promote biodiversity of leftover windthrow areas in community forests.