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Windthrow StMUV

Promotion of biodiversity of abandoned windthrow areas in municipal forests


The cause of the project was the interest in natural windthrow areas in deciduous forests. Natural disturbances create often structurally rich forest stands also in managed forests. The areas are cleared up normally, which leads to disadvantages of biological diversity (Thorn et al. 2018). There is no module in VNP forests (contractual conservation management agreements) for succession areas, while they belongs to the most important biodiversity areas in forests generally (Bense 2006, Swanson et al. 2011). Research the community of saproxylic beetles over 2 years in the municipality of Herbstadt. Results will be translated into recommendations for abandoned windthrows in contractual conservation management agreements. The following questions need to be answered: Which positive effects have leaving windthrows in deciduous municipal forests? Which importance have abandoned windthrows against conventional methods to increase the deadwood amount in municipal forests? How can a module to promote windthrows in VNP forests look like?


2019 onwards


Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection