Congratulations Jana!

Our PhD candidate Jana Englmeier successfully defended her PhD thesis "Consequences of climate change and lande-use intensification on decomposer communities and decomposition processes". Read more about Jana's great work in the LandKlif project!



Last week our PhD candidates Ruth Pickert and Stefanie Pietsch attended the Steigerwaldsymposium. Ruth gave insights in management practices within the LifeSPAN  project and Stefanie presented exciting results of her tree regeneration study as part of the  Windthrow  project.


Great Workshop in the Bavarian Forest Nationalpark

Thanks to all BETA-FOR members for stimulating discussions and sharing first results!

GfÖ Conference in Metz


Lucky Snapshot

A snapshot of the wildlife camera from the University forest Sailershausen shows (most likely) a wildcat.


BETA-FOR Workshop

read more about the BETA-FOR workshop

New Publications

2023[ to top ]
  • Factors influencing carrion communities are only partially consistent with those of deadwood necromass von Hoermann, Christian; Benbow, M. Eric; Rottler-Hoermann, Ann-Marie; Lackner, Tom{\’{a}}{\v{s}}; Sommer, David; Receveur, Joseph P.; Bässler, Claus; Heurich, Marco; Müller, Jörg in Oecologia (2023).
2022[ to top ]
  • Forest gaps accelerate the degradation of cellulose and lignin in decaying logs in a subalpine forest Wang, Zhuang; Tan, Bo; Yang, Wanqin; Wang, Qin; Chang, Chenhui; Wang, Lifeng; Li, Han; You, Chengming; Cao, Rui; Jiang, Yurui; Müller, Jörg in European Journal of Forest Research (2022).
  • Depicting environmental gradients from Malaise trap samples: Is ethanol-based DNA metabarcoding enough? Chimeno, Caroline; Hübner, Jeremy; Seifert, Linda; Morinièrere, Jérôme; Bozicevic, Vedran; Hausmann, Axel; Schmidt, Stefan; Müller, Jörg in Insect Conservation and Diversity (2022).