Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology


Biodiversity Exploratories: Arthropods II (former research project: Invertebrates II)

K. Eduard Linsenmair, Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, Andreas Floren, Nico Blüthgen (Universität Darmstadt), Beate Wende, Waltraud Wetzel, Martina Tospann

Funding: DFG Priority Program
Duration: phase 1 : 2007 – 2011, phase 2: 2011 – 2014

Project summary:
The subproject „pollination“ examines diversity and specialization of pollinators (primarily bees and flies) on the basis of short term interactions networks (covering 6 h per day). The current offering of flowers is registered quantitatively by the quantity of flowers, as well as qualitatively species specific. To be able to estimate the effect of anthropogenic disturbance differentially disturbed habitats get evaluated (2007-2011).

The current subproject Arthropods II covers diversity and functional importance of canopy arthropods in differently managed forests. In experiments the meaning of saproxylic and phytophagous arthropods, as well as insectivorous birds and bats on communities and tree productivity is investigated (since 2007).

Study regions: Schwäbische Alb, Hainich, Biospherenreservat Schorfheide-Chorin

Habitats: differently managed forests

Methods: Tree fogging, Flight interception traps in front of dead wood bundles, Stem eclectors in BeLongDead experiment, FUNWOOD: dead wood logs - outbreed of arthropods, sweep netting and FITs

more information: http://www.biodiversity-exploratories.de/