Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology

Ring lecture

Course name: Neurobiology, Behavioural Physiology and Animal Ecology
Course ID: 0610000
ECTS: 10
Language: English
Exam type: exam

Lecturers:Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter

Aim: The students get an overview in organismic biology including neurobiology, behavioral biology and ecology. They experience the complex interactions of living organisms including the importance of time and place to result in successful reproduction or synergy.


"Timing matters": Temporal organization in the animal kingdomTiming plays an important role in all living systems. Animals make use of endogenous clocks to predict and adapt to daily or seasonal changes in environmental parameters. To be at the right time at the right place is of great fitness relevance if -for example- a mating partner or enough food has to be found. Many mutualistic, antagonistic or social interactions can only take place if animals are at the same time at the same place and in the appropriate developmental stage.The lecture series give an introduction into the mechanisms underlying the temporal organization in the animal kingdom. Adopting an integrative approach, the lecture goes from timing mechanisms on the neuronal level to individual behaviour and then to interactions in social groups, populations or partners in complex and variable ecosystems.


To register you have to consider the deadlines given above and/or informations given by mail. For those Master Biology students who do not require the full graded 10 ECTS module, a B-version can be credited with 7 ECTS as module "Neurobiology, Behavioural Physiologie and Animal Ecology B" as complementary achievement.